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May 12, 2016, 4:48 a.m.

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So yes, I have decided to start a blog, and I plan to fill it with things pertaining mostly to tabletop role playing games. I have been teaching myself to play and Game Master the game Fate Core and I will be continuing to learn it and documenting the process.


I currently GM a campaign for my wife and friends, all of which I brought into the TRPG world. We started out playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E last year, quickly moved to Savage Worlds, and then to Fate Core. And since Fate is such a different animal than the rest, we're still getting the hang of narrative-based gameplay instead of the simulationism of Savage Worlds and D&D. I will be documenting our sessions on here via Actual Play Reports and pointing out any useful lessons I've learned while trying to understand the system.

The campaign we are in is basically a homebrew D&D type setting. It's not in the Forgotten Realms necessarily, but it's the same monsters and fantasy genre. We meet every other Tuesday or Thursday and are currently approaching our 9th session and we will soon be hitting our first Major Milestone. I'll do some recap on the story so far, and I'll try to post Actual Play Reports after each session.

Web Development

The last thing I plan to use this blog for is to cover my web development projects. I have two on here currently and I plan to be adding more in the future. This blog will give me a chance to explain how those resources work, why you would want to use them, improvements I plan on making/have made, and future projects that I plan to add.

I'll be adding a comments option to the site soon as well. So if you have thoughts or suggestions, please send them once that is available. Enjoy!

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