The Setup

May 27, 2016, 4:42 a.m.

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So this is the first of my actual play reports and this campaign is the only campaign I have ever run (as of writing this). So there are definitely some things I have done wrong and things that I will improve on over the course of it. I am looking to point out those flaws though so that others can learn from them. Anyway, in this post, I am only going to talk about the setup.

Game Creation

The campaign started in Jan. 2016 if I remember correctly, and the group is made up of my wife, Meghan, and our friends Carl, Andy, and James. They weren't used to setting creation, and I wasn't great at facilitating it either, so we basically decided to play in a fantasy/D&D setting. I came up with the issues later based on the characters.

The Stars


Played by: Meghan

Aurora is an elven ranger that now lives in the Whispering Woods. Once a princess, she ran away from home for reasons unknown to the rest of the group. She has been living in the woods for some time, befriended some animals, and stealthily thwarted robberies and goblin raids. She tends to stay to herself, unsure if she can trust anyone.


Played by: Carl

Desmond is a human grad-student wizard who was magically teleported to this unknown land by a mysterious artifact. Unaware its powers, he carries it with him in hopes that he can unlock the ability to return home. Desmond is a bit on the selfish side and his hunger for power is what got him into this mess in the first place. Aurora found Desmond shortly after he was teleported and took him in. Now they work together to protect the forest while Desmond continues to search for answers about his artifact.

Eb Armul

Played by: James

Eb is a Dwarven Monk who has always hated ale because it makes him break out. Also having a dislike for metal weapons, he didn't fit in much around the dwarven town he grew up in. He spoke out against weapons and ale one too many times in his home tavern and was driven away. That's when he found the Power of Temperance, a group of monks that had similar views. He trained with them and later ran into Filius when trying to speak out against ale at a tavern above ground. Filius defused the situation with his charm and has been a friend of Eb's ever since.

Filius Millywinkle

Played by: Andy

Filius is a Gnome Bard from the town of Stonehollow, a gnome town under the Gilgax Mountains. When he was young, goblins attacked the town, and though he was not very good with a blade, he did what he could to fight them off. Aurora heard of the attack and quickly jumped into the fray as well. The two of them, with the help of the Stonehollow guards, they managed to drive off the goblins. Aurora quickly left the scene before anyone realized her true identity, but Filius, having fought along side her, wrote a song about the glorious battle. This song became famous in the Gilgax region and so did he.

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