A GMless Goblin Oneshot

June 16, 2016, 6:55 p.m.

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About a week ago, the regular RPG group and I got together, but James (who plays Eb), couldn't make it due to his new job. Instead of trying to play the game without Eb, we decided to try a one shot and we tried doing it without a GM. I'll leave the specifics about how we played without a GM for another post. This one is just the play report. So here's how it went.

World Creation

I told the group about the We Be Goblins adventures released on Free RPG day, and they seemed interested in it. I mentioned that we could try a goblin PC game, and they jumped on it.

The world creation went pretty quick. We are goblins in a tribe that took over an abandoned mine. Our current issue is that The Humans are Expanding" and starting to venture into our mine. The impending issue is that The blue ball is glowing!". The blue ball is a great blue gem that was found in the deeper parts of our mine. It is worshiped by some of the religious goblins in the tribe and has recently started glowing for unknown reasons.

Character Creation


Played by: Andy

Kyle is a brutish goblin known for being good with an axe.


Played by: Me! (Nate)

Oggleward is a scrawny goblin and nephew of the chief. He is an embarrassment to his family since he enjoys to dance tribal dances to seek the great blue ball's blessing. He is not good in combat, but instead has learned some crude illusionary magic from the Blue Ball.

Stabby Breakjaw

Played by: Carl

Stabby is a berserker type goblin always hungry for a fight.


Scene 1 - The Goblin Camp

The game started in our camp within the mines. Oggleward was making a wind chime from bones while Kyle sharpened his axe and Stabby ate by the fire. The chief sent off a final group to guard the entrance of the mines from the humans and then asked for volunteers for a special mission. Kyle and Stabby quickly volunteered while Oggleward tried to hide among the crowd. The chief caught sight of him though and forced him to join the mission in hopes it would make a man out of him. The Chief told them that their mission was to cripple the humans from the inside and find a way to make them never return to the mine.

Scene 2 - Fuzzy's Lair

After asking the dice, we determined that there was an alternate entrance to the cave that could be used to exit without the notice of the humans. Unfortunately, it was the home of Fuzzy, the giant boar. Hoping Fuzzy wasn't home, we snuck into the lair with torches doused. Some more questions to the dice determined that Fuzzy was home, but was hiding out of site. We looked around for her and saw nothing until Oggleward created a magical light to illuminate the room. As soon has he did, Fuzzy jumped off of the ledge she was hiding on and attacked. Oggleward ran and threw up a giant illusionary goblin head to scare her, while Kyle and Stabby went to town creating advantages. When enough invokes were stacked up, Kyle went in for a devastating final blow with his axe. Fuzzy was statted very low because I didn't have NPC creation down at that point, so it was a pretty quick fight.


It was a short game due to time constraints, but even though we didn't do a whole lot, it was a lot of fun! From what I could tell, everyone felt like they played a huge part in the story, and we never actually knew what was going to happen next. It was a bit awkward at first since none of us have done any improv classes, but we still had a great time, with no prep. We may end up continuing this story since it went so well.

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