Scenario Prep - The Setup

Feb. 2, 2017, 1:28 p.m.

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I have long thought that a good example of scenario preparation for Fate, combined with a recap of how things panned out, would be a great way to help newcomers grok the game. I am finally at a point where I feel like I understand the system well enough that I can provide a decent example. So here goes nothing.

I expect this to be a three-part post that goes over the setup, the prep, and then the actual play of the scenario. In this one, I'll go over the setup.

The Setting

I have been working on a homebrew setting for Fate that I hope to self-publish and release under Creative Commons. The goal of the setting is to make something that us Fate-heads can rally around and improve without the limitations of normal copyrights. I plan on releasing a series of adventures for it down the road (also open sourced), and I would love it if others eventually did the same.

The setting also fills a hole that I feel has been lacking in the Fate-iverse, and that is classic Tolkeinesque fantasy. If this sounds cool, follow me on G+ or Twitter, or subscribe in the sidebar, to stay up to date on my progress.

The working title for the setting is The Daegal Legends. In a world made up of islands and filled by multiple different people groups, space begins to run out. The humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, saurians, and treeks all have their own agendas, and want the land for themselves. As populations grow, the peoples gear up for the inevitable war, looming on the horizon. Then, like a gift from above, a whole continent appears in the middle of the ocean overnight. No one knows where it came from or how it got there, but the resources allocated for the war begin to find a new purpose in the colonizing of this new land.

However, this new continent, which is now being called Daegal, is a mysterious land. The initial explorers that ventured onto the continent disappeared without a trace. Six months later, a colony has been built and fortified to protect from the dangers of the land. Powerful leaders are hiring adventurers to go scout the land and uncover its mysteries. The players are some of these adventurers and are now setting out on their own to discover the wonders of Daegal. Whether they are noblemen and women with a sense of wanderlust or scoundrels sent here as payment for their crimes, someday, the history books may just look back at this lot as the Daegal Legends.

The Characters

Our game currently consists of myself (as the Game Master) and my friends Andy, Carl, and James (as the players). We played two sessions prior to the scenario that I will be talking about in the posts to come, but not much had happened yet--making this a pretty good representation of a new game. The characters are as follows:

Pitus Methuselah

Played by: Andy


  • HC: Mysterious Bark Treek watchman
  • T: Sought after by the Dark Dwarf race for spying
  • Sent by Reginald Mahuta of the Oakmont tribe
  • Descendent of the Vitaltreek race

Best Skills: Shoot, Stealth, Notice

So you may be wondering what a "Bark Treek" is. This is a people group that I created for the setting. Treeks are thought to be the oldest humanoid species and come in two different races. The Bark Treeks are like humans and elves, but they have rough darkened skin similar to the bark of a tree. They are known to be more tribal, traditional, and hardheaded. The other variety is the Orchid Treek. Orchid Treeks are much more agile than the Barks and almost always gorgeous in appearance. They have a greenish tint to their skin and are generally more adaptable.


Played by: Carl


  • HC: Shrewd Dwarf "Entrepreneur"
  • T: Robs Peter to pay Paul
  • Agent of Horace Coinhood (of Daegal Industrial Enterprises)
  • Contracts in every pocket

Best Skills: Rapport, Fight, Deceive

Torvald is a very likeable fellow that is always on the lookout for a good business opportunity. Coincidentally, those opportunities often come back to haunt him as he tends to bite off more than he can chew. Dwarves are basically the same types of Dwarves that we know from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


Played by: James


  • HC: Comedic Saurian Investigator
  • T: Gratuitous Slapstick
  • Sponsored by Saurian Integration Society (Humans)
  • Human-Saurian dictionary
  • Youngest son of the Seashifter family

Best Skills: Investigate, Lore, Shoot

I know, his name is super hard to pronounce. James saw that the Saurians are good swimmers and can hold their breath really well, so he came up with a name that sounded like he was underwater. Saurians in The Daegal Legends are typical lizardfolk and are known to be one of the most savage races.

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