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Feb. 16, 2018, 9:06 a.m.

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I've been looking for an excuse for a while to put together some interesting pre-generated characters for Fate, so now that Evil Hat is doing another kickstarter, I've found some inspiration! This post is part of a series of blog posts where I create characters based on dice shown in the Fate Dice™ and Fate Points™ kickstarter. It gives me a chance to improve on creating Fate characters, it gives you characters to use as NPCs or PCs in your games, and it gives us all a way to create more hype around the kickstarter (and hopefully unlock those glorious glow-in-the-dark dice!). Tell your friends or share your own dice inspired heroes, and let's unlock some stretch goals!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Evil Hat or this kickstarter in any way. I'm just a fan.

Tork Inspired by Aquatic Dice

Tork was raised as part of a select group of Turtoids that were chosen to protect Seal of Haaf, an artifact deep in the ocean that was said to protect the oceans from the monsters that lurked beyond it's depths. But Tork doubted it's power and, when he was old enough, he left to find his own path. Years later, he heard news of many attacks from strange sea creatures and he feared the worst. He journeyed back to his village only to find it overrun with sea monsters. He has now taken it upon himself to find the Seal of Haaf and return it to it's rightful place before the oceans are destroyed.

Tork would be a great character for a Fantasy or Masters of Umdaar game.


  • High Concept: Last protector of the Seal of Haaf
  • Trouble: Fear of inaction
  • Rusty water manipulator
  • The trident of my people
  • Life on the road


Great (+4): Fight
Good (+3): Physique, Athletics
Fair (+2): Shoot, Stealth, Provoke
Average (+1): Lore, Crafts, Notice, Will


Slippery When Wet: When water is abundant in the current scene you gain a +2 to create advantages with water manipulation.

Turjitsu: +2 to defend with Fight against physical melee attacks.

Redirect: When you succeed with style using Fight to defend against a physical melee attack, the boost you gain provides a +3 bonus instead of a +2.

Unless stated otherwise, the text of the above blog post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

Images of Aquatic dice are by Evil Hat Productions. Used without permission. GO BACK THE KICKSTARTER!

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