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Feb. 15, 2018, 4 a.m.

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I've been looking for an excuse for a while to put together some interesting pre-generated characters for Fate, so now that Evil Hat is doing another kickstarter, I've found some inspiration! This post is part of a series of blog posts where I create characters based on dice shown in the Fate Dice™ and Fate Points™ kickstarter. It gives me a chance to improve on creating Fate characters, it gives you characters to use as NPCs or PCs in your games, and it gives us all a way to create more hype around the kickstarter (and hopefully unlock those glorious glow-in-the-dark dice!). Tell your friends or share your own dice inspired heroes, and let's unlock some stretch goals!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Evil Hat or this kickstarter in any way. I'm just a fan.

Ion Inspired by Accelerated Core Blue Dice

Ion used to be an athlete, and a member of the national soccer (football) team. Married to the world's leading innovator in sustainable electricity, Samuel Rees, she was used to being in the spotlight. But all of that attention brought her beloved Samuel an early demise. He was working on a new technology said to be twice as efficient at producing energy as anything else the world had ever seen, but his rivals wanted it first. He was murdered in cold blood, his research stolen. In the confrontation, a stray bullet impacted a nearby test reactor, and when Ion finally found Samuel breathing his last breaths, the reactor exploded, electrifying Ion's entire body.

She gained powers that allow her to convert her body into an electric current, however, she can only maintain the form as long as she is moving through or towards some sort of conductor and choosing it's direction can prove to be difficult at times. Now, she stays in the spotlight, stopping crimes by day and secretly hunting down her husband's murderers by night.


  • High Concept: Ion: The Electric Woman
  • Trouble: Secretly hunting my husband's killers
  • Loosley associated with the local heroes guild
  • Can't get too attached to others
  • Quick to anger; Quick to act


Great (+4): Athletics
Good (+3): Fight, Resources
Fair (+2): Contacts, Rapport, Deceive
Average (+1): Provoke, Will, Lore, Empathy


Discharge: Once per session, you may apply a single attack roll to all targets in your zone (including allies).

Electrify: +2 when using Fight to attack an opponent standing on or in something that is highly conductive like metal flooring, chain mail, or a puddle.

Lightning Speed: +2 when using Athletics to cross multiple zones or travel quickly as long as there is a conductor connecting your position to you your destination.

P.S. - I know Ion is already taken by the Green Lantern comics. It is really hard to find an electricity-based superhero name that isn't already taken!

Unless stated otherwise, the text of the above blog post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

Banner image is by Evil Hat Productions. Used without permission. GO BACK THE KICKSTARTER!

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