01 - Escaping Echo Cave

May 29, 2016, 4:37 a.m.

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The players found themselves tied up. Desmond was the first to break free. He used magic to make some fire and burn the rope. Unsure of whether he could trust Eb and Filius, he untied Aurora first and tried using his magic to shape shift a sharp edge onto a couple of rocks. Aurora then snuck up to the sleeping goblin and tried to kill him, but not well-versed in hand to hand combat, Aurora fumbled the rock and instead only woke up the goblin. The goblin rose up and picked up his spear. A bit scared of the group he was unsure whether or not he wanted to fight or flee.

That's when Filius chimed in. He talked to the Goblin and discovered his name was Slurry. He began convincing Slurry that they would let him free and make him a famous goblin if he helped them escape. He began to sing a song to demonstrate what he meant, which triggered a goblin in the next room to hear the noise and head over. While Filius sang, Desmond cut down Eb, for some help with the battle that was probably going to take place. This upset the Slurry, and the Shaman Goblin that just arrived to the room. They fought, and the shaman called for more help all while Filius remained hanging upside down sing his song about the Majestic Conqueror of the Whispering Woods to pump up his allies. The players destroyed the Shaman and Slurry by the time the help arrived. Another fighter goblin and a giant centipede arrived to the room. Aurora and Eb quickly took down the centipede, at which point the last remaining goblin fled.

Eb gave chase while the others stayed in the room, cut down Filius and found a set of keys that they found on the Shaman goblin. Eb managed to corner the runaway goblin, named Glurg, in a barracks type room. He managed to scare the goblin enough with his fist covered in centipede guts that Glurg agreed to show them a way out.

The group reunited and found Flora, Aurora's fox companion, and their gear/weapons in the barracks room as well. They asked Glurg some questions about what he knew, and he told them (upon asking the right questions) that Mazul had been to the cavern and that his daughter Kyrie was still there. Glurg led them to find Kyrie down a smaller tunnel.

In the tunnel, they saw Kyrie, a gnomish lady with black hear to her shoulders. She was wearing a tattered robe covered in dirt and was very skinny. She was timid at first, because the group entered the room with a goblin, but her fears were eased by a bit Filius' charm. She told them that there was a large number of goblins in the cave until very recently and she can't be sure but she thinks she heard that they were headed to Fort Greyspire. The group mentioned interest in finding her father as well, and without much information, she can only hope that he is traveling with the goblins to Fort Greyspire and that he is alive and healthy.

If you are jumping in on the middle of this story, check out the Game Creation play report.

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