02 - Pathfinding

June 1, 2016, 4:32 a.m.

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The group, unsure of where they were first looked for a trail of the goblins that had recently left. They followed the trail until they reached a section that Aurora could easily find her way. She led them to her house built atop a tree in the whispering woods. There, the group was able to fill up their stomachs and relax for a little over an hour.

After their pit stop at Aurora's place, they headed back out to once again find the trail of the goblins. They caught up to them at twilight, finding 18 goblins preparing for the night. Many sat around a campfire and ate a meal while two scouting parties of 4 broke off, one to the eastern edge of the woods, the other to the north east.

Aurora was able to listen in on two of the goblins having a conversation about the plans for the night. She heard something about waiting to see torches on the mountains. She relayed the information to the rest of the group and they decided to follow the scouting party that broke off to the east. The scouting party of goblins sat in wait at the edge of the whispering woods, watching Fort Greyspire and the mountain side behind it intently.

The group tried to sneak around the goblins but Eb accidentally caught their attention. Eb stood tall and taunted the goblins while the rest of the group stayed in hiding and snuck a little further away. One goblin charged at Eb with a spear, but was easily parried. Eb then proceeded to pick up the aggressive goblin and throw him against a tree, snapping his spine. The rest of the group then attacked from hiding. Aurora shot one of the goblins while Filius and Desmond created illusions to intimidate and distract the goblins. With one goblin dead, one with arrow in his shoulder, and two in fear of the illusive blue flames emanating from Eb's body, the goblins gave up the fight hoping. One ran off into the woods while the other two stayed in place, paralyzed by fear.

Upon questioning the goblins, the group found that they were for the Gilgax goblin tribe to light the torches on the mountain side. When they saw the torches, all of the goblins will join together and attack Fort Greyspire. The group tied up the two goblins and ran to Fort Greyspire to warn them of the attack. A half-orc ranger was on watch atop the wall and questioned them before opening the gate. Aurora then pulled back her hood and looked up at the ranger who immediately said,"Aurora. Is that you?". He then commanded that the gates be open immediately.

Upon entering, no more was said to Aurora about the transaction due to the urgency of their visit. The group explained the details of the coming goblin attack and the half orc rallied the rangers in the fort to prepare for battle. The group walked back out to the top of the wall to prepare and heard the sounds of goblins screaming all around. As they looked, they could now see torches on the mountain side and in the forest headed straight for them.

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