• Fate on Roll20

    • In light of the recent demise of the Google Hangouts API, I have moved to using Roll20 in my online Fate games and I have really enjoyed the experience. I was reluctant to use it at first because it is clearly made for more elaborate game systems than Fate, but I think I’ve figured out a good setup. Since many others are probably looking for a place to play Fate online now, I thought I’d share how I use Roll20 for my Fate games. So here is a little tutorial. more   rpg   fate   roll20   thoughts  

  • Rampaging Across Umdaar

    • In our Masters of Umdaar game last night, the players created an aspect that is probably the funniest aspect I’ve ever seen in a Fate game. It was Rampaging Dehydrated Sharkman.

      One of the characters, Trisaunor, had gotten himself captured by slavers, and the rest of the group went to free him while he was about to be sold in the slaving district of a desert city. They created multiple distractions, one of which was releasing a sharkman, that was also a slave, and letting him rampage across the marketplace. more   rpg   fate   masters of umdaar   play report  

  • Mouse Guard Fate

    • While in between campaigns a couple of months ago, one of my groups decided to do some one shots and mini campaigns; one of which was in the setting of the Mouse Guard. If you haven’t heard of the Mouse Guard, you should definitely go check it out. It started as a comic series by David Petersen with AMAZING art and some really cool lore. Its a story of mice that have organized and fortified a chunk of the wild for themselves. An RPG system, based on the Burning Wheel, was written for it later on and is now on its second edition. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   mouse guard  

  • Story Questions

    • Unfortunately, my previous game fell through. The players are unable to play for the time being, so I wasn’t able to finish the series I was working on about scenario preparation. However, I have continued analyzing techniques for good game prep in other groups and wanted to throw out a thought of the day, similar to what Robert Hanz does from time to time. For this post, I want to dig a little deeper into story questions. more   rpg   fate   thoughts  

  • Scenario Prep - The Plan

    • Welcome to the second of three posts where I talk about planning and playing through a scenario for Fate. If you haven’t already seen the previous post going over the setting and the characters, you should probably check that out before continuing. In this post I’ll be talking about how I used the information from the previous post to generate a scenario. So first off, let’s do a recap of the aspects in play. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   prep   play report  

  • Scenario Prep - The Setup

    • I have long thought that a good example of scenario preparation for Fate, combined with a recap of how things panned out, would be a great way to help newcomers grok the game. I am finally at a point where I feel like I understand the system well enough that I can provide a decent example. So here goes nothing. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   prep   play report  

  • Hacking Contests in Fate

    • Last night, I ran my first game to playtest a new setting that I am writing for Fate Core. The setting is a high fantasy world at the brink of international conflict with a focus on exploration. For the first session though, I kept things light and simple so that I could teach a new player the rules as we went and so that we could all get to know their characters. One tool that came in very handy for this was the contest. more   rpg   fate   thoughts  

  • Dungeons in Fate: Secrets

    • Welcome back again for another post in my Dungeons in Fate series. If you haven’t read the previous articles, I am going through various tips for adding dungeons into your Fate games while still maintaining the narrative philosophies of Fate. In this post I’ll be expanding on a topic I touched on in my previous article about traps. Today, I’ll talk about using secrets in your dungeon. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   dungeons   secrets  

  • Tracking Aspects at the Table

    • I decided to take a quick side-quest from my current series on Dungeons in Fate to show how I handle aspects at the table. I’ve seen questions come up about this a few times on the Google Plus Community and on reddit, so I figured I could show my setup so that others could see if it fits their style as well. more   rpg   fate   thoughts  

  • Dungeons in Fate: Traps

    • To continue the Dungeons in Fate series, today I’ll be talking about traps and how to use them in your Fate games. Traps are often used in more traditional RPGs for several reasons. They can convey the danger of a location, provide information about the location’s inhabitants, weaken the heroes before they reach the enemies, or just provide a chance for the heroes to show off their skills. However, my ideas on how to implement traps in Fate are slightly different than its traditional counterparts. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   dungeons   traps  

  • Dungeons in Fate: Scenes and Scenarios

    • I have recently been thinking a lot about how to do fantasy well in Fate. I just rewatched The Fellowship of the Ring and played in a five-session game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e that my friend ran, both of which fueled my thoughts on the subject. One thing in particular that I have focused my thoughts on is dungeons. I personally really enjoy the idea of dungeons and exploring them as an adventuring party. I enjoy the mystery, the exploration, the crazy monsters, and the challenge. more   rpg   fate   thoughts   dungeons  

  • 11 The Battle of the Shadow Knight

  • Masters of Umdaar - Con Oneshot

  • 10 The Temple of Divinity

    • The Story

      Diving Deeper

      The group left off being attacked by powerful Giant Cave Spiders. The spiders proved too strong for the party, and so they chose to run. Leaving behind their rations to distract the spiders, they ran and disguised themselves as part of the cavern wall thanks to Filius’s magic. They waited until the spiders left and then approached the sigil once again. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • Simulation vs. Storytelling RPGs

    • I’ve been thinking recently about traditional, simulation-based RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds in comparison to storytelling based games like Fate. More specifically, I have been trying to figure out why the transition from traditional RPGs to Fate is so difficult. Ultimately, both types of games are about generating a cool story that has been lived in together by the whole group. So what’s the problem? How can they be so different if they do the same thing? more   rpg   fate   thoughts  

  • Tabletop Simulator for Fate - Review

  • 09 The Forgotten Tunnels

    • GM Notes

      After a bit of a hiatus due to Eb’s player (James) getting a job, we finally managed to get the group together on Tuesday this week. Over the break, I did some reading, because I knew there were parts of the game that I was still not getting quite right. I reread various parts of the Fate Core rule book , and I also read the Book of Hanz which is a collection of the thoughts of Robert Hanz as he was figuring out the Fate system. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • Fate Without a GM

    • I recently played in a game where we did not have a GM. You can find the play report here. I wrote up some rules hacked together from other GMless systems I have read, and it went surprisingly well. The other two players and I really enjoyed the game, so I thought I would post them online for others to critique and improve upon. more   rpg   fate   no gm  

  • A GMless Goblin One-shot

    • About a week ago, the regular RPG group and I got together, but James (who plays Eb), couldn’t make it due to his new job. Instead of trying to play the game without Eb, we decided to try a one shot and we tried doing it without a GM. I’ll leave the specifics about how we played without a GM for another post. This one is just the play report. So here’s how it went. more   rpg   fate   play report   no gm   oneshot   we be goblins  

  • 08 The Real Tobias Bender

    • Last time, the group finally got a chance to talk to the real Tobias Bender. After hearing the truth about everything, they decided to head into the tunnels in search of the artifact that the Gilgax Goblins and the Doppelganger seem to have been after. The first challenge in finding the artifact was a large stone golem protecting the entrance to the tunnels. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 07 A Meeting with Tobias

    • The group arrived at Tobias’s house at dusk in hopes of finding some answers. The house was heavily guarded after Aurora’s break in earlier that day, but Tobias seemed rather friendly. They talked with Tobias asking about the food shortage, the sigils in the mountain, the tunnels below it, and the artifact that the goblins were after. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 06 Beowood

    • After defeating the Hook Horror and gaining a little more information from Old Man Berkle in Stonehollow, the group headed to Beowood to seek an audience with Tobias Bender, who is believed to know the most information about the colonization of the region and its secrets. When the crew arrived, they found a weary town, short on food and resources, and burdened even further by a poorly timed increase in taxes. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 05 Visiting Stonehollow

    • While in Stonehollow seeking information on the mysterious artifact supposed to have been the cause of the goblin attack, a large monster with the head of a vulture, a body like a beetle, and hooks for arms showed up with several squid like Darkmantles. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 04 The Aftermath

    • The party, weary from battle, took some time to rest and then spoke with Gerald Greymore, leader of the Greyspire Rangers. Gerald asked some questions of the group to see if he could trust them. When he decided that he could, Gerald showed them the drawing that was found on the battlefield. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 03 The Battle for Fort Greyspire

    • Recap

      Fillius, Desmond, Aurora, and Eb arrived to Fort Greyspire just in time to warn the rangers of the coming threat. The goblins of Gilgax Mountain joined forces with the goblins of Echo Cave and attacked the fort using bombs presumably made by Mazul, Kyrie’s father. The party and the Greyspire Rangers managed to defend the fort, whittle down the goblin forces, and run the goblins off. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 02 Pathfinding

    • The group, unsure of where they were first looked for a trail of the goblins that had recently left. They followed the trail until they reached a section that Aurora could easily find her way. She led them to her house built atop a tree in the whispering woods. There, the group was able to fill up their stomachs and relax for a little over an hour. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 01 Escaping Echo Cave

    • The players found themselves tied up. Desmond was the first to break free. He used magic to make some fire and burn the rope. Unsure of whether he could trust Eb and Filius, he untied Aurora first and tried using his magic to shape shift a sharp edge onto a couple of rocks. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • 00 The Tainted Spring

  • The Setup

    • So this is the first of my actual play reports and this campaign is the only campaign I have ever run (as of writing this). So there are definitely some things I have done wrong and things that I will improve on over the course of it. I am looking to point out those flaws though so that others can learn from them. Anyway, in this post, I am only going to talk about the setup. more   rpg   fate   play report   the relics of acyrus  

  • Storygen

  • Fate Core Character Sheet

  • Why blog? - Introductions

    • So yes, I have decided to start a blog, and I plan to fill it with things pertaining mostly to tabletop role playing games. I have been teaching myself to play and Game Master the game Fate Core and I will be continuing to learn it and documenting the process. more   thoughts  

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