06 - Beowood

June 10, 2016, 4:25 a.m.

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After defeating the Hook Horror and gaining a little more information from Old Man Berkle in Stonehollow, the group headed to Beowood to seek an audience with Tobias Bender, who is believed to know the most information about the colonization of the region and its secrets. When the crew arrived, they found a weary town, short on food and resources, and burdened even further by a poorly timed increase in taxes. The party first went to the tavern to seek some food and a place to eat. Despite Filius's relationship with Gilbert Radshaw, the owner of The Hare and Hydra Inn, they were unable to secure meals and rooms for themselves without a little creativity. Due to the lack of resources, fewer people were coming to the tavern and making it hard for Gilbert to make a profit. So the group of adventurers put on a concert/rally to prepare for a protest the next day and provide entertainment for the hunger-ridden town. The team worked together, attracting in more and more people by showcasing their various skills, and slept in their own rooms with their belly's full.

The next day, a protest was held in front of Tobias Bender's house to state their gripes with the tax raise once and for all. Roughly 30 civilians showed up to protest. When things began to get out of hand, Aurora managed to sneak inside the house and see Tobias face to face. There was something strange about him though. He seemed hostile and timid, unlike the charismatic old Elf that most people know him to be. Aurora escaped while the others diffused the situation between the guards and protestors, and negotiated to have gain an audience with Tobias.

While the group waited to meet with Tobias, a small boy told them they should meet with Nolan Beckett, the town's treasurer. He informed them that there is something terribly wrong with Tobias, causing to not be himself. Unsure of what might be causing the change, Nolan did notice that Tobias recently seems to be protective of his bedroom on the top floor of his house. The group then parted ways in time to meet with Tobias at his house.

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